Fiduciary Consulting

Employers who sponsor a qualified retirement plan face fiduciary duties that are both complex and ever changing.

Fiduciaries can be held personally liable for any missteps, yet they are expected to evaluate the inner workings of their plan in new and unfamiliar ways. No wonder plan sponsors feel exposed and need assistance.

As an independent fiduciary consultant, QCI has over thirty years of experience in helping clients navigate these treacherous waters. As an added benefit to you, we stand behind our advice by formally sharing fiduciary liability with our clients.


Unlike brokers/dealers, banks, or insurance companies, our portfolio managers are independent and unbiased in their recommendations. We’re happy to work with your current fund platform or recommend another, based on your needs. Fund companies don’t compensate us, so there’s no conflict of interest. Our fees are disclosed up front and never change without your agreement.


Untangling the web of fees, commissions, and expenses associated with mutual funds and other investment vehicles can be a daunting, difficult task. We know what to look for in an effort to help you understand what you’re really paying. Simply bringing fees to light is often enough to reduce them.


Our commitment to you includes scrutinizing every detail of your plan to ensure compliance and efficient operation. From investment policy statement design and investment line-up formulation to participant communication and advice services, no aspect of your plan will escape our attention.


Our service and oversight never stop. QCI provides a comprehensive quarterly report for trustees, evaluating each investment option for quality and appropriateness. It serves as a record of our continuing oversight of the plan and evidence of the fulfillment of the plan sponsor’s fiduciary duties.